XCadey XPOWER-S Cycling Power Meter: Details // Data Review

Cadey XPOWER-S Cycling Power Meter is the cheapest spider based power meter on the market today coming in at US$299. This power meter was put up against the Lama Lab Test indoors and Lama Leg Test outdoors with progressively better results after a number of firmware updates were released addressing some issues I encountered. It was a journey getting it to match my other known/trusted power meters.

Tech Specifications:
Power Accuracy: +/- 1.5 %
Weight: 101 g / SRAM 110BCD
Battery Life: 150 Hours (Li-ion Battery)
Waterproof: IPX6
Wireless: ANT+ / Bluetooth 4.0
XCADEY APP: Diagnostic / Scaling / FW / zero offset.
Power Range: 0 – 2500 Watts
Cadence Range: 30 – 220 RPM
Woking Temperature: -10 – 50 ℃ (Active Temp Compensation)
Limited Warranty: 16 Months
Data: Power, Cadence, Balance



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Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “XCadey XPOWER-S Cycling Power Meter: Details // Data Review

  1. Hi Shane,

    I recently got a Rotor ALDHU 24mm with the XCADEY XPOWER-S 4 bolt 110 setup and I am going to run a comparison to my Elite Direto to test the accuracy. Wondering if you would like the data to analyze as a follow up to your review?

  2. Hello! You mentioned a reset procedure when a firmware updated failed on your xcadey power meter. Mine is also stuck, what was the reset procedure? Thanks!

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