QUARQ DZero DUB Power Meter: Details // Install // Data Review

The QUARQ (SRAM) DZero DUB power meter has been put through the Lama Lab indoors and put to the test outside with brilliant results. Here’s the details, unboxing, installation, and data review from a number of rides. Stay tuned for more information around the recently released MagicZero calibration function.

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Quarq DZero DUB Power Meter Spider – Technical Details:

☻ 110 or 130 BCD options (Depending on chainring preference)
☻ DUB Crank Compatibility: 165mm-177.5mm
☻ DUB Bottom Bracket (Durable Unified Bottom Bracket). 28.99mm spindle.
☻ Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer.
☻ AxCad – No cadence magnet required.
☻ 10K Temperature Compensation. (10,000+ data points used for TC)
☻ Battery: CR2032. 200 hour battery life.
☻ Power Balance / Pseudo Left/Right (estimate).
☻ OmniCal – Swap chainrings without affecting accuracy.
☻ 2-year warranty.
☻ IPX7 waterproof rating.
☻ Accuracy: +/-1.5%
☻ MagicZero™ – Automatic calibration as you ride. No need to back pedal or manually calibrate through your head unit.
☻ Firmware upgrades with the SRAM AXS app.


Shane Miller

One thought on “QUARQ DZero DUB Power Meter: Details // Install // Data Review”

  1. Is there any difference between the sram gxp crank with dzero power meter and the sram dub crank with dzero power meter your reviewing in this video?
    I have the gxp dzero on 1 bike and just bought the dub dzero fro my new bike hoping that I would have similar numbers to work off no matter what bike I was to ride, will that be the case or are they 2 different beasts whej it comes to power data?

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