Continental GP5000 Tubeless Tyres // Long Term Review

My hands-on with the Continental GP5000 TL has been a mixed experience. With the front tyre not lasting a month, through to the rear starting to delaminate after 4500km. 🤔

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GP5000 TL Tech Specs:

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Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “Continental GP5000 Tubeless Tyres // Long Term Review

  1. Did you get any response from continental on the delaminating issues? I’ve noticed mine are starting to delaminates around the circumference. Small strings are coming.

  2. Same problem noticed on front and rear tyres after only 300 miles. Small strings coming off at the base of the tyre wall and small cracks visible all over the tyre. Very dissaponted considering the cost

  3. Got a gash in the front – which I was not able to re-seal on the road and had to fit a tube! Only used them around 6 months so disappointing. These were on a winter bike though and you mention this in your findings. These are a no-no for winter/training. Going back to tubes for winter bike.

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