The FIT File PodCast with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA – Week of August 8th 2019.

It may be quiet now, but things are starting to brew in both the Lama Lab & DCR Cave. Enjoy the calm before the storm as we dive into a slew of topics.

Here’s the full topic list:

  • Philips sues both Garmin and Fitbit
  • Kinetic R1 Smart Trainer – Ready for prime time?
  • MARQ Review – Worth $1,500?
  • Zwift quietly releases dinosaurs…putting it to the test!
  • Equinox Bike Announcement…and then it all went to @#$#.
  • How to load maps on your Garmin devices for free
  • InPeak Power Meter – Handling feedback to make a better product

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  1. Ray mentioned that this isn’t the time to buy a trainer unless you get a solid deal. I could get a new Dorito for 530€. From what I can see the Suito (trainer that I was planning to buy) isn’t that much better than Direto. Would you consider the Direto at this price or recommend waiting for Eurobike? Much thanks

  2. I don’t think the Direto sale will last till the Eurobike and I’m really tempted to buy it since I don’t really expect the prices to drop to this kind of level at/after Eurobike. Any other reason to wait that I might be missing?

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