The FIT File PodCast with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA – Week of August 8th 2019.

It may be quiet now, but things are starting to brew in both the Lama Lab & DCR Cave. Enjoy the calm before the storm as we dive into a slew of topics.

Here’s the full topic list:

  • Philips sues both Garmin and Fitbit
  • Kinetic R1 Smart Trainer – Ready for prime time?
  • MARQ Review – Worth $1,500?
  • Zwift quietly releases dinosaurs…putting it to the test!
  • Equinox Bike Announcement…and then it all went to @#$#.
  • How to load maps on your Garmin devices for free
  • InPeak Power Meter – Handling feedback to make a better product

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Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “The FIT File PodCast with DC Rainmaker and GPLAMA – Week of August 8th 2019.

  1. Ray mentioned that this isn’t the time to buy a trainer unless you get a solid deal. I could get a new Dorito for 530€. From what I can see the Suito (trainer that I was planning to buy) isn’t that much better than Direto. Would you consider the Direto at this price or recommend waiting for Eurobike? Much thanks

  2. I don’t think the Direto sale will last till the Eurobike and I’m really tempted to buy it since I don’t really expect the prices to drop to this kind of level at/after Eurobike. Any other reason to wait that I might be missing?

  3. I just listened episode 87. Part of the talk was devices working together, handing off workloads when a device battery is weak. I have a different idea. So I listen to the podcast by casting the audio from my mobile to my hearing aids. This is a new experience for me and i really like it. Many of our sports tech items make noises to notify us of goals, or to take a drink etc. But with the wind in our ears etc many of us cannot hear the notification. So how about a Bluetooth audio channel on watches and bike head units that we could pair with a small speaker that we wear on our glassed, headband or helmet strap. We could still hear what is going on in our environment plus hear the notifications from our sport tech. This could lead to notification improvements like a voice that says, drink now, or your varia radar says car back.

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