Zwift July 2019 Pricing Update // Taxes

’Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes, and having to pay more for indoor cycling software!

According to an update from Zwift“sales/local taxes will be added to your Zwift membership starting July 29, 2019” .

The full state/country list is linked above, and the amount of tax charged depends on your location. UK VAT has been included since they started charging, so a lot of you are covered already.

Australia (for example):

Current Monthly Price: AU$19.99 (AU$239.88 yearly)
New Monthly Price: AU$21.99 (AU$263.86 yearly) +AU$23.98

Tips and Tricks:

Note: These may change at any time

Gift Cards:
12 month currently US$180 (~AU$258.23). Well, there goes that idea locally. If you’re in another taxed location do the math and see if you come out on top.

iTunes Memberships:
If you currently have a membership via iTunes, you won’t need to pay sales/local taxes. If you reactivate your membership or create a new membership via iTunes in the region/country mentioned above after July 29, 2019, your membership price will include sales/local taxes.

GPLama Facebook Page reader Scott mentioned discount iTunes cards would be the way to more frugal Zwifting.

The current price in the Apple App Store here in Australia is listed as AU$21.99. 🤷🏻‍♂️Again, check locally. This may be an alternative to save a few dollars.


Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “Zwift July 2019 Pricing Update // Taxes

  1. Good news about iTunes accounts not copping the increase as that’s how I pay. Any idea why it is though Lama?

    1. I’m not up to speed on iTunes/taxes/etc. The AU iTunes already has the price bump from what I can see on my iPhone though. Not sure. iTunes discount cards will still swipe a few $ off the price per month.

  2. Then card charges international fees. What don’t Zwift operate locally. Are they just tax dodging ?

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