Garmin EDGE 530 & 830 Firmware 3.50 Updates // ANT+ & BLE Fixes

The Garmin Edge 530 and 830 – The latest cycling offerings from Garmin haven’t been without their release issues. Firmware 3.50 for both the Edge 530 and Edge 830 list a number of fixes to the most commonly reported software bugs. Be sure to update!

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2 thoughts on “Garmin EDGE 530 & 830 Firmware 3.50 Updates // ANT+ & BLE Fixes

  1. I have an Australia-purchased 530, which I am using in Singapore, which has been running well so far.

    I just got a notification from Garmin Express for a new firmware update from 3.50 to 4.10. I haven’t seen anything mentioned online about this yet, so I’m holding off the update.

    Have you seen or heard anything about this update?

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