Finally! πŸ¦™

I’ve owned this domain since 2013 and never really put it to much use. I’ve running a blog since early 2007 over on that really started this all.

I’ve since moved towards YouTube as my primary content posting location. However I needed to wrangle back more control over my content, and my reliance on a service that provides next to no user support can sometimes provide challenges. Yes, there’s a back story there if you’re playing the long game following me.

Bear with me while I start making this place my new home. In the mean time, remember to follow me across everything else online!

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Shane – GPLama


Shane Miller

2 thoughts on “Finally! πŸ¦™

  1. Want some speed optimization help? You have loads of JS blocking the homepage rendering:

    Your videos have helped me a ton with gear and zwift; more than happy to give back if you want. If you’d rather do it yourself and w/o accessing any code use this plugin to eliminate unnecessary files:


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