Elite GATEWAY // Wired Connections for Elite Smart Trainers!

The Elite GATEWAY Wired Ethernet Dongle allows you to connect the trainer directly to your (or access point) to connect to the Elite JUSTO via the Direct Connect protocol (TCP). I’ve had the Gateway in the Lama Lab to test ride and this video is a quick overview of the device and how it performed.

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GATEWAY Technical Details:
– Wired Ethernet (RJ45).
– Direct Connect Protocol (BLE FTMS over TCP/IP. TCP Port 36866)
– Multicast DNS.
– Update Frequency: 1Hz.
– Will work with all platforms that support Direct Connect.
– Availability will be July in Europe and August for the rest of the world.

Euro €99.99
UK £89.99
US $ 109.99
CAD $139.99
AUD $149.95

Elite GATEWAY Device: https://bit.ly/3N0BbS4



Shane Miller

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