Garmin EDGE 1040 Series ClimbPro in Free Ride // Beta Firmware 17.09 Testing / How-To

Garmin have released the new ClimbPro and Climb Explore features into the beta stream for the Edge 1040 Series before rolling them out to the public release. If you want to get ahead of things and use these features today, you’ll need to join the beta program (just a few clicks), install firmware 17.09, AND also delete and re-install the maps on your 1040. In this video I take the 1040 on the road (and on gravel) and put it head-to-head with the Edge 840. The Karoo 2 is also there as the third wheel…

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Garmin EDGE Beta Program Information:

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Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “Garmin EDGE 1040 Series ClimbPro in Free Ride // Beta Firmware 17.09 Testing / How-To

  1. boa noite, sou beta e fui atualizar para a versão 17.09 do 1040 solar e ele atualizou normalmente, só que fica rebutando e não carrega,você pode me ajudar?

  2. Apart from the first hill on the first ride, for me this is woefully unreliable. It either starts 200 – 400 early or 200 – 400 m late.
    On the first ride, it pretty much nailed the first hill (20 m lag) but then coming back over that hill in reverse it triggered almost half a km early & was finished weeeeelll before the top.

  3. With the updates to Garmin connect for the 540/840 devices now able to edit data pages from the app (like Wahoo), has this function been added to the 1040 as well?

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