Garmin EDGE Firmware Updates 530/830/1030 Series [December 2022]

A new firmware is rolling out this week (early December 2022) for the Garmin Edge 530, 830, 1030, and 1030 Plus Cycling GPS Computers. This video covers what’s new and includes my regular “Sync over USB with Garmin Express” reminder. πŸš²πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

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● Fix Firstbeat stats resetting on power cycle.
● Add informational prompt when pairing a non-Garmin Radar sensor.
● Added RCT715 recording status indicator.
● Improved CIQ data fields so that copies of the same field don’t limit adding unique fields

● Garmin Varia Radar/Camera RCT715 also has a firmware update to 4.80

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One thought on “Garmin EDGE Firmware Updates 530/830/1030 Series [December 2022]”

  1. with the edge 830 firmware uptade to version 9.73 the device start is very slow. Can we solve or downgrade the firmaware update?

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