Elite JUSTO Smart Trainer: Details // Review // Lama Lab Tested!

The Elite JUSTO Interactive Smart Trainer – A step up in specs and performance from Elite for their new ‘flagship’ smart trainer in 2022. This video covers all the details, my experience, and a deep dive into the data from the Lama Lab.

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Elite Official: https://bit.ly/3yrBZt7

Full Technical Specifications:
● Direct Drive Interactive Smart Trainer (Rear wheel off).
● Bike compatibility: Quick Release 130/135. Native Thru-Axle 12×142. (148/157 available)
● Freehub Shimano/SRAM HG. (Aftermarket options: XD/XDR, MicroSpline, Campagnolo)
● No Cassette Pre-Installed.
● Connections ANT+ (Pwr/Spd/Cad), ANT+ FE-C, Dual Bluetooth Smart FTMS.
● HR / Cadence Bridge Option.
● Power Accuracy: ±1.0 OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) power meter.
● Calibration: Automatic
● Grade simulation: 24%
● Max wattage: 2300W (@40km/h)
● Flywheel size/weight: 6.2kg
● Noise Level: Quiet… not silent.
● Power Source: Mains Power.
● Firmware Upgrades via Elite Upgrado App.
● Supplied with Front Wheel Riser Block /
● Elite Rizer Support.

NOTE: Elite JUSTO Speed Sensor should be set to 215mm wheel size if pairing to a bike computer/GPS or watch for speed/distance recording.



Shane Miller

One thought on “Elite JUSTO Smart Trainer: Details // Review // Lama Lab Tested!”

  1. Curious how it holds up against other top trainers such as Neo Tacx 2T and Yahoo top one.

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