SRAM Acquires Hammerhead // Karoo & Karoo 2 Cycling GPS

After almost five years from the original Karoo cycling GPS being released, Hammerhead has joined the SRAM community of brands and promises further development and integration.

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Notes from my recent Karoo 2 video discussion:
– The Karoo units have a mobile phone like touchscreen / UI. ✅
– Karoo units are configured all on the device. No companion app. ✅
– Very basic web dashboard lacking analytics and tracking. ❌
– No gear shifting recorded (rendering SRAM AXS Web / Di2 Stats useless) ❌
– No ANT+ Cycling Dynamics support. ❌
– No TyreWiz support. ❌
– No CORE Body Temperature sensor support. ❌
– All of the above CAN be resolved in firmware/software. Let’s hope they are! ✅


Shane Miller

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