StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike: Long Term Ride Review // Part III


Shane Miller

5 thoughts on “StagesBike SB20 Smart Bike: Long Term Ride Review // Part III

  1. Hey GPLama
    Just bougth the sb20 and out of the box it’s amazing! Solid Structure and nice feel. Just 2 points i am not sure about it. The Erg Mode is a little tricky and sometimes it flows nice and suddendly it drops or increases 20 or 30 watts. Another one is the responsiveness, despite the gradient kicks up fast but when sprinting on flats it takes 1 to 2 seconds to the output get to the zwift. is it normal?

    Best Whishes

    1. Hmm… Be sure it’s all updated for firmware. As for responsiveness, Bluetooth seems to give the best response. Ping Stages Support on these for their take on things though.

  2. Hi!! And Thank you for your great review. I’ve bought this smart bike because of your good comments on Reddit. I had some issues with the flywheel but now everything working fine. Stages has a great customer support.
    Yesterday, I read a comment of your friend DC Rainmaker regarding that each time, you had to set up the correct profile for wahoo and tacx bikes in order to consider properly user weight, and that, because of the virtual flywheel of these bikes. However, I never do that on stages link app, I understand that having a real flywheel doesn’t need that kind of data. We only set user weight for our Zwift accounts. Is that right or am I doing something wrong?? Thanks for your answer!!

    1. I believe you’d be correct in that it shouldn’t need this due to the ‘real’ flywheel on the SB20. Stages and/or Zwift should be able to provide the definitive answer on this if you want to be sure.

  3. Hi Shane, i have been following your progress with this bike, Mine came earlier this week, Did you find there is a vibration/whining from the belt? I can hear and feel it up to my hands and the higher the cadence the higher pitch it becomes. Coming from a whisper quiet H3 over 4000 miles, this is loud in comparison. I havent seen anything mentioned in your reviews regarding this, Thank you for every great review and video, i make many cycling decisions based on them.

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