Day: October 15, 2020

Strava Updates User Account Privacy Settings: Bye Bye FlyBy….

If you’re wondering where the “View Flybys” option went on your Strava account, here’s all the details. Strava have defaulted all users to “No One” for the Flyby privacy setting which removes the option from your activities. It’s possible to switch this back on, but given the majority of users won’t do this, I’d consider […]

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Power2Max NGeco Power Meter: Details // Install // Data Review

After many requests I finally have my hands on a Power2Max NGeco power meter and have put it through the Lama Lab! This video covers all the details…. including being swooped by magpies while testing this out on the road.   Type: Spider Based Power Meter. Accuracy: ±2% (Now upgradable to ±1% €100 at time […]

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