How to Make your Smart Trainer QUIETER! 🚴🀫

“Silent” is the new standard for indoor Smart Trainers, however there’s one thing most of them are anything but silent with – freehub noise while coasting. This video covers how to quieten down the freehub on the Tacx Neo 2T, Wahoo Kickr 18, and the Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainers.

Multi-Purpose Grease on Amazon (US):
Bike Cassette Removal Tool with Chain whip (Amazon US):

Tacx Neo 2T (Amazon US):
Saris H3 Smart Trainer (Amazon US):
Wahoo Kickr Smart Trainers (Wahoo direct):

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Shane Miller

One thought on “How to Make your Smart Trainer QUIETER! 🚴🀫”

  1. Hi Shane, what kind of grease did you use to quite the fly wheel / trainer. I have a kickr 18. Thx.

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