Garmin Varia ANT+ Radar Battery Level Indicator // Garmin Edge Tip

What’s the best way to keep an eye on your Garmin Varia Radar battery level on your Edge head unit?

The simple way is to add the LIGHT Battery status field to one of your activity profile pages. This works because the Garmin ANT+ RADAR devices are also also ANT+ LIGHT devices.

Tail Light Field ConnectIQ Link:
Bontrager Light Control ConnectIQ Link:

Garmin Varia Radar/Light RTL510 (Amazon US):
Garmin Varia Radar/Light RTL500 (Previous Model. Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 530 Bundle (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 830 (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 1030 (Amazon US):


Shane Miller

One thought on “Garmin Varia ANT+ Radar Battery Level Indicator // Garmin Edge Tip”

  1. Hi Shane , is it possible to operate both front and rear garmin lights from the iq app and can you display both front and rear battery level.Cheers

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