Elite UPGRADO Firmware Updater // 5 Tips for Updating Trainer Firmware

This week Elite have released the Upgrado app that allows owners of Elite trainers to update the firmware on their units.

Upgrado App:
Apple App Store: https://apple.co/31EaJE5
Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2Jjl41T

Top FIVE tips for updating firmware on your Smart Trainer:

1 – Reboot your trainer before commending the update. If your trainer has been plugged in for months, power cycle it to get it into a ‘fresh state’.

2 – Do not pair anything to the trainer. No Zwift, no TrainerRoad, Sufferfest, FulGaz, Kinomap, turn those all off before proceeding.

3 – On the device you’re updating from – Ensure Bluetooth is enabled, and close any app that might get in the way. Close off the Zwift Companion App, Garmin Connect, the Elemnt companion app, etc. This is precautionary… but you don’t want any conflicts or crashes when updating.

4 – Watch the process complete. From 0% to 100%. And wait for that “Success” message at the end.

5 – Back to basics again, and once the trainer has been successfully updated. Close the updating app and power cycle the trainer. This will ensure the Bluetooth connection on the trainer goes back into ‘advertisement mode’ so things like your AppleTV can see and connect to it.

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