Tacx NEO Bike Smart: Rider Fitting // Road & TT (Part II)

In this video I’ll cover all the details you need to know about rider fitting to the NEO Bike Smart. From minimum and maximum saddle height / reach / drop, and all the details in between. I’ll then apply my road and TT bike measurements to the bike to see how close I can get the fit.

Neo Bike SMART Overview:
Max resistance: 2200 W
Power accuracy: under 1% error
Max. simulated slope: 25%
Mass inertia: 125 kg / 275,6 lbs
Max. torque: 85 Nm
Max. brake force: 250N
Resistance unit: motor
Control: Interactive
Wireless connections: Bluetooth & ANT+
Features: Pedal stroke analysis, Virtual shifting, Gear feel, Road feel, Descent simulation, Dynamic inertia, Isokinetic and Isotonic training mode.

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  • Multiple ‘frame sizes’.
  • Minimum Saddle Height: 64cm
  • Maximum Saddle Height: 94.5cm
  • Stock Bar Width: 42.5cm
  • Cranks: 170mm-175mmQ-Factor: 147mm
  • Customisable Parts: Bars. Saddle. Pedals.
  • TT Bar Install: No problems…. but limited by stem/bracket.


Shane Miller

3 thoughts on “Tacx NEO Bike Smart: Rider Fitting // Road & TT (Part II)

  1. At 6:40 you remove the center piece on the handlebars to move yours up a tad. It seems like the bike isn’t made for you to make this modification. I’m having the same problem and would like to recreate what you did here but not only is there no allen wrench included that will take out the 4 inner hex screws, but when I used one of my own, they stripped completely. Any advice here? I can’t believe something this expensive would not allow you to move the handlebars up or down a few degrees.

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