Tacx NEO Bike Smart: Unboxing and Building 🔧 // Part I

In this video I’ll cover the logistics of the process (56kgs is apparently too large for my local courier to handle!?). I’ll then turn the Lama Lab into a snow dome. Then I’ll do my best to clean up and attempt to assemble the Neo Bike Smart. It’s quite the journey for what should have been a simple process.

Neo Bike SMART Overview:
Max resistance: 2200 W
Power accuracy: under 1% error
Max. simulated slope: 25%
Mass inertia: 125 kg / 275,6 lbs
Max. torque: 85 Nm
Max. brake force: 250N
Resistance unit: motor
Control: Interactive
Wireless connections: Bluetooth & ANT+
Features: Pedal stroke analysis, Virtual shifting, Gear feel, Road feel, Descent simulation, Dynamic inertia, Isokinetic and Isotonic training mode.

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My pain points:

  • The box isn’t suitable for the device.
  • The instructions need to be a little easier for the general user.
  • Three different bolts for the same purpose (affixing the legs)!!??
  • The crank length options is fiddly work.
  • Adjustment stiffness… fixed with WD40… :/


Shane Miller

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