GIANT PowerPro Power Meter 2020 Edition: Details // Data Review

The updated PowerPro Power Meter from Giant released on 2020 model bikes. A slight redesign to be almost unnoticeable on the bike. This video covers the tech specs and data review from a number of rides with the latest firmware on this power meter.

Tech Specs:

– Shimano Based Crankset (This is an Ultegra R8000 172.5mm)
– Independent Left/Right measurement (combined to give total power)
– Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery
– Battery Life: ~100 hours
– Wireless transmission 2.4GHz, ANT+ / Bluetooth® Smart (BLE 4.0)
– Power Accuracy: ±2%
– Weight: Left side: ~16g / Right side: ~16g
– Power measurement range 0-3000 Watts
– Cadence range 20-180 RPM (Accelerometer based, no frame magnets)
– Water resistance level IPX7
– Operating environment temperature range -10°C ~ 50°C / 14°F ~ 122°F
– USB Charging cable (Proprietary connector. Different to MY19 model)
– Firmware Updates: Giant RideLINK App
– LED Light Indicators

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Shane Miller

4 thoughts on “GIANT PowerPro Power Meter 2020 Edition: Details // Data Review

  1. Hello GPLama, hello everyone,

    Does anyone know if Giant only uses this new 2020 power meter for the 2020 bikes ?
    I’m thinking about buying a TCR, like the TCR Advanced Pro Team Disc, it has the “Giant Power Pro power meter” but in the “Technologies” part there’s no mention about it.
    On the other hand, the TCR Advanced Pro 1 Disc also has this power meter “Giant Power Pro power meter”, and in the “Technologies” part “Power Pro” is listed.
    On the Giant website, “Power Pro” is described as “The all-new Power Pro system from Giant”.
    So it made me wonder if some 2020 bikes were still using the 2019 version of the power meter (the bikes without the “Power Pro” tech.), that didn’t seem that accurate, or if every bike uses the 2020 version.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello GPLama, are you still using Giants PowerPro Power Meter? I have a 2020 version and the ridelink app prompts me for a New firmware version (3.1.1) but when I try ti install It I r eceiver a “Firmware not found Error,”

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