Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer Updates: Cadence // Bluetooth Connections

The latest firmware released by Wahoo for both the Kickr18 and Kickr CORE direct drive smart trainers come with two new features. One that brings the Kickr18 and CORE more in line with other trainers on the market and the other is a first we’ve seen on any trainer.

The Kickr18 and CORE will now calculate cadence and transmit that over ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth. It’ll look at the pedalling/resistance curve and calculate your cadence from that…. And it does a really good job of it. A REALLY good job of it.

Multiple Bluetooth Connections:
The Kickr18 and CORE will allow multiple Bluetooth connections. You may ask why you’d want this? This gets around the problem where something grabs the Bluetooth connection and when you load your phone, or AppleTV to look for your Kickr – it doesn’t show up on the list. For home users this is a handy update. In a public environment…. maybe not so much.

Wahoo Kickr 18 Firmware Information (Wahoo.com)

Wahoo Kickr CORE Firmware Information (Wahoo.com)

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