SARIS H3 Smart Trainer: Details // Unboxing // Ride Review

Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer. Launched a few days before Eurobike 2019! This is an update to the H2, which was the update to the original Hammer launched in 2016. This video covers all the specs, unboxing, installation of a thru-axle bike, and a comprehensive data analysis of power and cadence from the unit.

Unit Specifications:
– Direct Drive Interactive Smart Trainer (SIM / ERG Mode)
– Bike compatibility: Road/MTB/etc
– Axle: Quick Release 130/135. Thru-Axle 142/148 (Native)
– Freehub: Shimano/SRAM 8-11spd compatible (No cassette supplied).
– Supported connections ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth Smart FTMS.
– Power, Speed, Cadence*
– Power Accuracy Claims +/-2%. Spindown Calibration.
– Grade simulation: 20%
– Max wattage: 2000W
– Flywheel: 20lbs / 9kgs!
– Noise Level: It’s quiet. Claimed 59dB at 20mph
– Power Source: Mains power. Provides progressive resistance with no power.
– Unit weight: 21.4kgs
– Firmware Upgrades via App.
– Saris H3 (Amazon US):

– Hammer dropped in 2016 with a price of $1199
– H2 2018 with a price of $1199
– H3 2019 with a price of $999

Putting the H3 – a premium level trainer – into the mid-range price bracket. This is a good move by Saris. Could cause a few other pricing movements in the industry.

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Shane Miller

One thought on “SARIS H3 Smart Trainer: Details // Unboxing // Ride Review”

  1. Hi Shane. I recently purchased an H3 for my first smart trainer. I loved the way it felt, but the power reading was significantly lower than what my Stages Left Crank power meter was showing (22% lower average after doing a power comparison). I determined this must be a defective unit so I returned it and had the ship I bought it from send me a new one. Same issue on the new one. Now I wonder what may be causing this issue because I doubt I got 2 trainers with the exact same defect. All firmware is up to date on both units and calibrations have been performed. I noticed in your video the power comparison was pretty spot on. Any ideas/suggestions?

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