Garmin EDGE Cycling GPS: Startup Screen Text Tip // Personalize your Garmin

How to customise the start up messages on your Garmin Edge unit to ensure a lost unit has the best chance of finding its way home, or if you just want to make your Edge more personalised.

– Connect your Edge via USB.
– Open the GARMIN folder on the USB drive.
– Open the startup.txt
– Edit and save. 

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Further digging into this startup.txt I’ve found the following: 

– Limited to 7-Bit ASCII characters…. so only the basics. (No mad Extended ASCII character art)
– Center aligns the text. 
– Garmin EDGE 520/820: 5 Lines 
– Garmin EDGE 530/830/1030: 6 Lines
– Garmin EDGE 800: 7 Lines
– Characters on each line depends on the character used. It varies. 
– There’s more than enough room for your name / phone number / email address. 
– You can extend the time the message is shown. 
– It survives device reset.  

GPLama startup.txt Template: 

:     Property of    :
:       GPLama       :

Garmin Edge 530 (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 830 (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 1030 (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 1040 (Amazon US):
Garmin Edge 130 Plus (Amazon US):




Shane Miller

3 thoughts on “Garmin EDGE Cycling GPS: Startup Screen Text Tip // Personalize your Garmin

  1. Hi Shane, the startup.txt is not present on new edge 1040 device. Is there a trick to have this nice feature enabled? Thanks! Luca

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