Wahoo Elemnt/Bolt/ROAM Cycling GPS Maps: Details // Downloading // Updating

A few sources will say the Global Maps come pre-loaded on the Wahoo Elemnt range but that’s not the case. There are a FEW countries pre-loaded but you will need to download maps if you’re heading further afield.

What you’ll need:

  • Your head unit (with enough space free for the maps you need to load).
  • Your phone with the Elemnt App (Android or IOS)
  • Wifi setup and working on your head unit (no gateway auth / etc / like you find on free wifi or hotel wifi!) You can hotspot to your phone, but beware of mobile data charges if abroad.

Best to do this before travelling. To save time… and money!

This video covers: 

– How to check what maps are on your device. 
 Downloading new Maps / Regions.
– Updating Maps.
– Checking Free Space / Deleting Maps


Shane Miller

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