TrainerRoad increases prices twice in under 12 months – Now more expensive than Zwift

July 25th 2019 Update: TrainerRoad have announced a change to the pricing update policy. More details here:

Oh give me a break, I rarely do clickbait headlines. And technically this is 100% correct.

Today we saw TrainerRoad sneak this pricing update under the door without knocking. After introducing their last pricing update in October 2018 this IS their second increase in under 12 months.

A recent monthly pricing update timeline:

2015 $10->$12
2018 $12->$15
2019 $15->$19.95

The October 2018 increase was gently introduced and heads-up given prior to the bump. This time around this wasn’t the case, which has caught a few people off guard.

Two price increases in under 12 months is also pretty bold. Imagine that in the Zwift world. People would riot. I trust TrainerRoad users will remain somewhat calm as they would getting a double puncture on a single ride. Which is what this double-bump-in-10-months feels like.

TrainerRoad are sticking to their ‘forever’ grandfathering policy for existing users who never suspend their accounts. That’s a pretty neat loyalty policy, imo.

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  1. Shane,

    How do the structured workouts in Zwift compare to the ones on TrainerRoad?

    I had planned to start a Trainerroad account around fall (northern hemisphere), but now that Zwift is actually cheaper, I may have to rethink (provided that Zwift doesn’t take advantage of the fact and zwiftly! Increase their prices as well).


    • TrainerRoad workout library is worlds ahead of what Zwift offer. I’ve always created/used my own so haven’t taken much advantage of either to be honest.

      • Thanks Shane! Love the new blog by the way. Dare I say it’s one of the first web pages I check in the morning.

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