Favero Assioma Power Meter: IAV Cycling Dynamics Update // Firmware 4.04

The long awaited and anticipated update to the Favero Assioma power meter pedals was released today. Firmware 4.04 with IAV Cycling Dynamics.

Favero are implementing ONLY the Pedal Phase component of the CD standard. There’s no Platform Center Offset (PCO). So…..  they’re half way there. All the details are covered in my YouTube video below:


Shane Miller

6 thoughts on “Favero Assioma Power Meter: IAV Cycling Dynamics Update // Firmware 4.04

  1. A comment you make at around the 1:40 mark makes me wonder if the sit/stand metric could be expanded to track aero position separately. That would be an AMAZING metric to have, both to confirm fit but also track how well I’m adjusting over the course of a season to my aero position.

  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question Shane but we poms often have trouble reading deliveries from people called Shane and have PTSD to prove it. Anyways….. I am gonna stick my bat out of the crease here just a teeny bit…as I am thinking of buying the assiomas and an elemnt bolt/roam.. am I gonna be bowled all over the shop or are you gonna drop KP c&b lose the ashes and I get pedal power dynamics for half the price of garmin V3’s and a 1030plus..? You are the mystic god of spin..

    1. Only someone with the last name of ‘Wood’ can get away with such fine cricket references. Well played! 🙂 The Assioma DUO paired up with a BOLT or ROAM will still give you Left/Right balance…. just not the funky metrics that Cycling Dynamics has. I’d say for the savings, it’s the way to go.

  3. Hi Shane – wondering if you know via your industry contacts whether Wahoo is likely to get IAV reporting on either head untis or their app? I know Garmin have done the deed, and had hoped Wahoo would follow – but to no sign to date.

    1. I submitted a request to their beta group suggesting Wahoo repurpose the Pioneer pedal monitor mode code/feature into Cycling Dynamics. Pioneer has exited the power meter game, so it’s wasted. No feedback on this.

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