Giant Power PRO MY20 Power Meter – Preview

The updated 2020 model Shimano based power meter from Giant as seen in Taiwan in July 2019. The unit appears to use the same strain gauge configuration as the MY19 model. The main difference being the battery and radio modules have been placed entirely on the inside of the RIGHT crank arm.

As this power meter is still based on the Shimano R8000 crankset, I suspect it will also encounter the issues as reported here.

Charging looks a little awkward on the RIGHT crank….

I’m trying to source one of these MY20 model units to put through the Lama Lab Test.

Stay tuned!


Shane Miller

16 thoughts on “Giant Power PRO MY20 Power Meter – Preview

  1. My wife recently bought a bike with my20 power meter. I have tried and been successful on updating firmware however i can repeat time after time and it doesnt tell me if i have the latest firmware. I cant find anywhere online that gives latest firmware, are you aware of where or how to find?
    I also am unable to calibrate through my phone (Samsung g10)

    1. I’m experiencing the same. I can do update after update and not know if I’m overwriting the last update with the same or a new update. again i’m unable to find anything online giving details on the firmware updates.

      1. On my Garmin it tells me the firmware version if I check the sensor details (same power meter), so updating the firmware once brings it to the most recent version but it will let you update it over and over again as it doesn’t do that check (dumb).

  2. I bought a TCR Advanced Pro Team Edition last Oct-2019. For the first few months there is no issue with calibration. But when I downloaded the Giant Ride Link app (26-Feb-2020) and I updated the firmware to the power sensors right after that, I was unable to calibrate the power pro sensor ever since.
    I am also unable to calibrate the power pro sensor using my Garmin Edge 520. I repeat the whole process 2 weeks later. Same result.
    Now , my Garmin is unable to display correctly reading for power, cadence. They will come up momentary and disappear for a few minutes and reappear again.

    I approached Giant on the 2nd week March-2020 but no response from them so far.

  3. I have just bought a TCR advanced Disc 0 with the 20 power meter and my 520 wont even pick it up. I cant pick it up on the ride link app either and there is nothing on the web to sort it. I have full charged bot so I am a little frustrated.

    1. Hi Mark, my new 2021 TCR advanced disc 1 won’t connect to my phone or garmin computer. I went to the Giant store and they are going to replace it. Good news is I would be able to change the crank length to something shorter since they are replacing it.

  4. Hi There, I have the same issue, I use a garmin watch, can have the connection via bluetooth but cannot calibrate. Did any of you had a solution given by Giant to this problem? Many thanks

  5. I have a 2019 TCR Advanced SL1 disc, power meter stopped working correctly after 6 months, unless I really am pushing 11,000 watts!! Bike shop replaced it under warranty, 7 months later every ride for a month had a 48/52 balance, then a month later it just stopped showing power or cadence. Went back to the bike shop again in March 2020 and here I am in June with no resolution from Giant or the bike shop. Iโ€™ve emailed Giant every 2 weeks and get absolutely no response

  6. I have tested the Power Pro against Assioma Duo
    15 miles both calibrated twice using Garmin 1030 & 1000
    PP 58/42 Assioma 53/47

  7. Anyone know whether this power meter works fine with oval chainring such as ROTOR Q Rings? Thanks before.

  8. 2021 TCR advanced pro 0 here.
    Issues connecting to ride link app and Garmin. Cannot detect the power meter no matter what I do. Any suggestions?

  9. I just intsall the giant pro power meter ( It is not brand new usde around 1000km). When i started it works but in 10-15 second the watt on my wahoo is 0. the worked again hen 0. At the end of riding my avarage power was just 34 ( should be around 180). What would be problem? i can send a video if it helps.
    Thanks in advance

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