Day: August 31, 2020

Shimano Di2 Component Updating and Diagnostics // Using E-Tube Project with a Mac

Shimano E-Tube Project is limited to Windows and mobile devices (IOS/Android). If you don’t have access to a Windows PC (or have the Bluetooth module installed) it is possible to run the E-Tube Project for Windows within a virtual machine on a Mac and connect the SM-PCE1 PC Linkage or the SM-BCR2 battery charger via […]

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Wahoo KICKR BIKE Handlebar & Bar Tape Upgrade // Smart Bike Customisation

The handlebars and bar tape the Kickr BIKE comes with aren’t the best in class, and it’s not the kind of bar tape I’d use on a bike outside so there’s no reason to keep it on the bike indoors. This week I swapped out the stock bars and tape for a set of gravel […]

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RapiLock Road Bike Modular Thru-Axle Kit w/ Hidden Lever

After seeing these on Instagram last week, I was keen to see if they were really as neat and tidy as they appeared. As it turns out, they are! Here’s all the details about the RapiLock Road Bike Modular Thru-Axle Kit with the hidden lever. RapiLock also sent over their Indoor Trainer Axle for me […]

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