Month: October 2023

Wahoo Elemnt Ready To Ride Update GPLama

Wahoo ELEMNT “Ready To Ride” Update for ROAM V2 and BOLT V2

Wahoo are rolling the “Ready to Ride” update to their current generation ROAM V2 and BOLT V2 cycling computers. There’s a few minor updates to the older Elment computers too.   Update Summary: ● Updated start screen / menu when first turning on these units. ● Better sensor status/management. ● Quick access to saved routes […]

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Watopia Southern Coast Road Expansion: New Zwift Roads // Eight Routes // 19km

New roads and a load of new routes on Watopia! Zwift today have started the roll-out of game update 1.51 for October 2023 that includes the biggest update seen on Watopia in the last few years. This update introduces 19 kilometers of new roads to explore, along with eight new route badges. Additionally, there are […]

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Stava Custom Waypoints

STRAVA Adds Custom Waypoints

Stava have rolled out a much requested route planning feature that now allows users to add in custom waypoints to their routes (new or existing). This video covers the details, creation, and showcases the on-road experience with the a Garmin Edge 1040.   Links: Strava “Custom Waypoints” Press Release: ✅ SUBSCRIBE to The GPLAMA […]

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Shimano Di2 Update Gear Usage Rage - GPLama

Shimano Di2 Firmware Updates // Gear Usage Rate Now Works!

Solving the riddle of why “Gear Usage Rate” never worked on my Shimano R8170 12 Speed Di2 groupset this week with some online research and testing of the latest update released for the BT-DN300. With the 4.1.0 update Gear Usage Rate now works in the E-Tube app, but it’s not the only place you can […]

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Zwift COG Hardware Teardown GPLama

Zwift COG Hardware Teardown

A closer look at what makes up the Zwift Cog device with a hardware teardown! I answer a TON of questions that have been asked about the Cog, Virtual Shifting, and bike compatibility. And I also demonstrate is how quickly the Zwift Hub can be switched from a quick-release setup to a 12×142 thru-axle configuration […]

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Zwift Cog Review GPLama

Zwift HUB Game Changing Updates! Virtual Gears / Zwift COG / 10Hz Data / NEW Click Hardware

Zwift has made a groundbreaking advancement with their smart trainer technology with these updates. Introducing the 10Hz ‘Race Mode,’ Virtual Shifting/Gearing, and new hardware in the form of Zwift Cog and Zwift Click. These innovations mark a significant leap forward in the world of smart trainers.   Links: Zwift US Shop: Virtual Gear Ratio […]

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Wahoo Kickr Climb Adapter Review GPLama

Wahoo Kickr CLIMB Adapter Review // Kickr MOVE with Gradient Simulation!

The Wahoo KICKR Climb adapter for compatibility with the Kickr MOVE smart trainer arrived in the Lama Lab last week and has been put through its paces. This video covers off all the details of the new Climb Adapter and dives into a few interesting details about how Zwift sends gradient commands to smart trainers. […]

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Elite ARIA Smart Fan Review - GPLama

Elite ARIA Smart Fan: Details // Wind Tested // Making a Smart Fan Smarter!

The Elite Aria Smart Fan is a smart trainer fan that is designed to replicate outdoor riding conditions by providing intelligent airflow that automatically adjusts to the intensity and data of your indoor cycling workout, up to speeds of 50 km/h.   Links: Elite ARIA Official Site: ✅ SUBSCRIBE to The GPLAMA YouTube Channel […]

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