Month: August 2023

Silca Chain Wax GPLama

15,000km on ONE Chain!? // Bike Chain Waxing Success!

15,000km from one chain… on a gravel bike!? I would not have believed anyone if they told me I’d get this many kms from a single chain, especially on a gravel bike. After doing the calculations it turns out it is possible with a regular maintenance schedule and using wax, not oil. And even with […]

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TPU Bicycle Tube Review GPLama

TPU Bicycle Tubes: Light, Fast, Cheap…. What’s the Catch?

This week I set out to answer a few questions I had about these super-light and relatively new type of bicycle tubes. Were they difficult to install? Were they fragile? At less than 1/2 the weight and volume of standard tubes, was there a catch? I also exploded a few of them to see what […]

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Garmin EDGE Firmware Update GPLama

Garmin EDGE 540/840/1040 Beta Firmware Update 18.15

New Garmin EDGE Cycling GPS updates have landed this week (August 2023) for the Edge 540, 840, and 1040 Series. This video covers the change-log detail of what’s new and improved. I also cover the new music control screen that was previously only accessible as an Edge widget.   Links: Garmin Cycling Forums: Garmin […]

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Zwift Update GPLama

ZWIFT Updates 1.45 August 2023: Climb Portal Badges // New Race Result Screen // Play Updates

ZWIFT Game Update 1.45 for August 2023 has started rolling out today and contains a number of updates and fixes for the in-game experience:   August 2023 1.45 Zwift Update Summary: ● Climb Portal Badges (1, 10, 25) ● New Race Result Screen ● Better Steering Bunch Positioning ● Numerous Zwift Play Updates/Enhancements/Fixes ● More…. […]

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GPLama 4iiii Precision 3 AirTag Tracking

Apple FindMy Tracking Available with 4iiii Power Meters // Track Your Bike Like an AirTag!

With the 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter range now supporting Apple’s network of over 1.5 billion users, cyclists will now be able to track their power meters using their Apple devices and the FindMy app. This video covers the details of this new ‘AirTag’ feature as well as some interesting technical details of how it […]

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DJI Osmo Action 4 Review GPLama

DJI Osmo Action 4 Review // What’s to Like? What’s NOT to Like?

The DJI Osmo Action 4, the latest sports action camera from DJI, touted to rival or even outperform GoPro’s latest offerings. With these bold claims, I put this camera to the test in various conditions – under the sun, on sand, and even in the rain – to see how it performs during my recent […]

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