Cycling Software Pricing Guide – 2020

Updated list of indoor cycle training software tracking monthly/yearly costs. Prices are listed in $USD.

This list is updated on a regular basis. Please let me know of any changes or additional entries to include.

The $ columns are Monthly | Yearly | Yearly Discount. The plugin I’m using is borked and won’t show those headings. I’ll change this soon… 

BKool Simulator$9.99$96.00$23.8830 day free. Limited free.
FulGaz$13.34$111.02$49.1114 day free trial. Yearly inc. 2 family members
Kinomap$11.62$93.04$46.40Limited access free option
RGT Cycling$0.00$0.00$0.00
RGT Cycling Premium$14.99$179.88$0.00
Rouvy Premium$10.00$120.00$0.0015 day trial
Rouvy Standard$6.25$75.00$0.0014 day trial
The Sufferfest$14.99$129.00$50.8814 day trial
Tacx Desktop App $11.62$116.30$23.14Limited access free option
Tacx Desktop App HD$16.27$162.83$32.44Limited access free option
TrainerRoad $19.95$189.95$49.4530 day 100% money back
Zwift$14.99$179.88$0.007 day trial. Local taxes additional.
Elite MyETraining$1.94$23.25$0.0012 month subscription only
Xert$9.99$99.95$19.9330 day trial
BigRingVR$10.00$99.60$20.407 day trial
Kinetic FIT$10.00$60.00$60.00Free limited mode (Core)


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